Search Engine Optimization

Have you ever thought about having your website at the top of the first search engine results page? Do you want your website to experience a high influx of visitors who can eventually be converted to potential clients? Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has the solutions, and we at Impower Solutions happen to know just how to make it possible.

At Impower Solutions, we provide our clients with a refreshingly clear approach to achieving desired online success via a sound SEO service that can produce quantifiable, measurable and reliable results.

By having your website at the first page of the search engine results, you stand a chance of receiving a high traffic of visitors. But receiving high traffics is not only enough. You need to ensure that the generated traffic is from the right visitors who can be converted into potential clients. We have what it takes to make it possible to increase your customer base and reach out to more clients by making it easier for clients to find you online.

Find out more about how our top notch SEO services can help you establish a strong online visibility and help your business grow.

SEO Plans and Packages

You need a new approach to boost your website visibility? Or perhaps need an approach to drive the right type of traffic for your already established online presence? We have packages specially created to help beginners start off with building their online presence by offering an ultimate balance of task implementations and advisory services that are geared towards maximizing online visibility and as well as returns on investment (ROI).

We have highly transparent and strategic approach to our range of SEO services through two main offerings:

  • SEO for SME’s for small and medium enterprises
  • that are just getting themselves together to build a stronger online presence, the many challenges facing them can be overwhelming, not to mention the already established bigger brands on the market. For that reason, we have SEO services tailored to meet the business needs of these enterprises. We will make your website compete with other major brands on the web while paying attention to your budget constraints. Our services are offered at affordable and flexible plans so you don’t have to worry about the advantage of finance that bigger brands have over your business.

  • SEO for Large Enterprises :
  • if you already have established your online presence as a big brand and need more SEO services for the different products you have in stock, we make it possible for you to access our tailor made SEO services that are driven towards driving more traffic that can be converted to potential clients. Our SEO for Large Enterprise packages are also offered with lots of flexibilities so you can have every aspect of your website’s SEO attended to..

What Impower Solutions offer

We have a variety of SEO services that address particular issues of SEO such as ranking and deficiencies. With regard to your needs and goals, one or combination of the following SER services might serve your website just right.

  • SEO Consultancy
  • We have a special SEO consultancy service that delves into top researches and analysis to come up with recommendations for our clients’ websites. Our consultancy service is particularly helpful for those who are experiencing difficulty with their website visibility, but we are generally open to serve all types of clients who need to optimize their websites for search engine bots.

  • Website SEO Audit
  • Usually, SEO audit comes in various detail levels and complexity. A simple SE audit can be a couple of pages and may address evident on-page problems like missing titles and lack of proper content. Alternatively, a comprehensive SEO audit may be comprised of a larger number of pages (for larger websites, it may take up to a hundred pages) and can address even the least evident issues that can potentially detriment the chances of a website ranking higher. Our SEO Audit service helps our clients identify the hidden as well as evident opportunities and problems with their sites. Our auditors examine the technical, off-page and on-page elements as well as competition so as to deliver unrivalled success for your business.

  • On-Page SEO
  • This is also known as to as on-site SEO and refers to certain search engine optimization techniques that are driven towards addressing the potential problems and issues uncovered by SEO audit. On-Page SEO is something that should never miss in an incredible SEO package, that’s why we decided to make it part of our services.

    Our on-Page SEO addresses quite a good number of primary elements of a website, including headings, page titles, content organization and structure of internal links. At a basic level, an on-page search engine optimization campaign may be a one-time project which includes all the recommendations from the SEO audit.

    This type of optimization generally targets a site’s home page plus a couple of other pages that are very important for the website. For a more comprehensive on-page SEO, we will conduct a highly detailed SEO audit then use the findings to monitor the results to an on-going on-page optimization.

  • Off-Page SEO
  • Off-Page SEO differs from the on-page SEO in that it refers to the activities that are beyond boundaries of a webpage. The most important aspects of off-page SEO include link building, social bookmarking and social media campaigns. Off-page SEO is driven towards helping the search engines identify a website as containing the most relevant results to the users. A site that is more relevant to a user is more likely to receive links or references from other sites. A good website is more likely to be mentioned on social media, shared among the like-minded communities as well as being bookmarked. These are some of the things that search engines look for so as to rank a website as relevant, thus accounts for a good percentage of the position of the site on the results page.

    Our off-page SEO service will help your site achieve the following: increased SERP ranking; increased PageRank and increased exposure.

  • SEO Link building
  • Link building is one of the most important and controversial topics that are often talked about in SEO industry. Since backlinks form the most important component in any SEO campaign, as well as the most time consuming hence consequently most expensive, it’s often difficult to come across SEO service providers that can effectively tackle every aspect of it.

    At Impower Solutions, we focus on building high quality links rather than quantity. We understand that a relevant, well-researched and high quality link is worth much than hundreds of submissions with poor quality and of no relevance

    We build quality links based on high quality content that is relevant, interesting, educational and more entertaining. If your website does not have high quality content that is engaging, it will be practically impossible to convince people to link to it. With our team of experts, we work to ensure that your website has high quality content that can help in building of high quality links.

  • SEO Content Writing
  • Actually, content writing seems to be a misnomer in a way because most content writers basically focus on optimizing the contents for the search engines then fail to make them more engaging, interesting and factual to human readers.

    If you are after a content writing service that can give your website a rank boost on the search engine rankings, what you actually need is high quality content and that is well researched and engaging- not just an SEO content.

    Our SEO content writing service is a top notch and very helpful as we do not take any shortcuts when creating your content. Our SEO contents are well written, interesting and factual and will get merit on its own. Actually, quality content writing is what lays the foundation for link building. Our content writing service is therefore intertwined with link building so that even if you are after content writing service only, you can still use the generated content for link building on your own.

  • SEO Code optimization
  • Did you know that the source code included in your website also accounts for a certain percentage of your website’s ranking on the SERPs? Actually, code optimization comes as a high level SEO optimization service. It involves overhauling of the source code of your website.

    Optimizing the HTML code of your website can result in three types of impact on your site. First, it can result to alleviation of code clutter and avail your content in a way that is easy to read and understand format for search engine bots. Secondly, it will help reduce the time it takes your website to load. This helps the search engine spiders avoid spending too much time waiting for a page to load. Lastly, it can help the search engine bots recognize what your website is all about with ease so it can provide relevant results to the users.

    Our code optimization campaign is comprehensive and will highlight every aspect of your website’s code. This is especially very true if your website was developed by our experts. Nevertheless, we can still optimize your site’s code regardless of its developer, provided that it was developed with an industry standard approach.

  • E-commerce SEO
  • Did you know that the source code included in your website also accounts for a certain percentage of your website’s ranking on the SERPs? Actually, code optimization comes as a high level SEO optimization service. It involves overhauling of the source code of your website.At Impower Solutions, we have an E-commerce SEO approach that is pretty easy for you to understand. That’s because, we understand what e-commerce really means. We know that an e-commerce site is not just like any other site on the web. An e-commerce site’s survival greatly depends on a finely tuned digital marketing approaches and strategies that can result to high quality traffic. We begin our e-commerce SEO service by researching. Before launching our e-commerce SEO optimization, we must first obtain a clearer understanding of what your business is all about, your audiences and what motivates them to make a purchase. Our team of experts will closely work with you determine the most appropriate and customized approach that can deliver the best results for your e-store. Since it’s of vital importance that every e-commerce website be unique, as such we use a much customized approach that focuses on the business needs of a client. We will review all your products, categories as well as brand pages to determine the targets that are most suitable to begin with. We also review the current website traffic as well as conversion rate to ensure that our e-commerce SEO service yields the best ROI in the shortest time possible.

  • Keyword research
  • we begin this process with seed lists. We then brainstorm relevant phrases and words matching your business. Once a good seed list is generated, coming up with a comprehensive keyword portfolio becomes pretty simpler.

  • Mobile SEO
  • Lately, major search engines like Google and Bing have developed a higher affinity for sites that are responsive. For that reason, those businesses with mobile versions of their sites tend to have a higher PageRank than those that do not have.

    Mobile SEO is becoming a crucial part of obtaining higher rankings. At Impower Solutions, we have developed a mobile search engine optimization service to ensure that your business stays up to date with the latest updates of search engines that included mobile responsiveness as part of rank determinant.

    There are basically three aspects of mobile SEO; responsive websites, mobile friendly sites and mobile applications. Responsive websites are simply websites that can be accessed on both computers and can display the same format of the website on mobile devices. In other words, the websites adjust automatically according the size of the device’s screen and hardware configurations.

    On the other hand, mobile friendly sites are a simpler versions of a website, specially made to offer a smoother experience. They utilize smaller fonts, images converted to smaller sizes and the desktop version kept simple.

    The mobile application aspect of it involves development of apps that are platform specific, that is, are specific to iOS, android or Windows phone platforms. At Impower Solutions, our Mobile SEO services are driven towards attaining these three elements of mobile search engine optimization according to your needs. Whether you need a responsive site, a mobile friendly site or a custom mobile app for your business, at Impower Solutions, we have the capacity and experience to deliver exactly what matches your needs and can serve your clients best.

  • Local SEO
  • Local optimization is of vital importance for any business that needs to expand its local boundaries. At Impower Solutions, we have mastered the art of creating as well as optimizing the local search engine listings for an improved ranking on local searches. We also specialize in local SEO to help businesses top the SERPs. Whether you are dentist, a plumber, electrician, general contractor or realtor, we have local SEO services designed to help your business enjoy the local exposure on the web and create a stronger online presence.

    Normally, the process of establishing a strong local SEO presence can be time consuming as well as very technical. But with our experienced SEO experts, we can simplify it for you. We utilize strategies that are aimed at providing more localized content according to your niche.

Our Search Engine Optimization Strategy

At Impower Solutions, we employ an industry standard strategies that are widely recognized as acceptable, effective and reliable. We use strategies that have been tried before and are trusted to bring about desired results.

  • Local SEO
  • At Impower Solutions, we employ an industry standard strategies that are widely recognized as acceptable, effective and reliable. We use strategies that have been tried before and are trusted to bring about desired results.

    • Tactics
    • We promote your social media posts, create engaging and unique content, optimize your website for search engines, reach out to bloggers plus many more SEO tactics that are known to produce credible results.

    • Feedback
    • We treat feedbacks with the weight that they deserve. We make sure that our SEO strategies attain quantifiable, measurable and reliable results. We actually make our clients realize the actual value of what our strategies have achieved. Our goals are nothing but similar to yours. We are driven towards building high quality sites that offer excellent performance in SERPs and attract more visitors that can be converted to customers and yield more revenue for your business.

    • Understanding your audience
    • What are your major goals? Are you after attracting more clients to visit your online store, make purchases online or simply make calls to inquire about your services and products? Your goals are our number one priority, then we work with a focus on those goals to present a website that meets the demands of the right audience. To make sure that the strategies employed are appropriate for your business, we perform an in-depth research of your market, customers, products, services and brand. From our findings, we will come up with a proper SEO strategy that will prove more beneficial to your business.

      How we go about it

      We perform an in-depth research on your market so as to obtain a better understanding of your business and customers. This facilitates the process of discovering the areas in which keyword opportunities are prevalent. We utilize content, authority as well as technical optimization to achieve your desired goals.

      Why consider our SEO Services

      If you’ve been running an online business for some time now, you probably understand how SEO is of much importance to your business’s online survival. But if you are just getting started, there are a lot of things that you stand to gain when your site is search engine optimized. When you choose to seek SEO services from Impower Solutions, your website stands to benefit a lot and these are just a tip of an iceberg:

      • Increased traffic
      • generating high quality traffics to your website is closely related to the rank of a site on the search engine results page. Ranking high on the results page can therefore result to increased traffic to your site. Our SEO services focus on creating relevant and informative content, keyword relevant titles and meta descriptions that help your site in ranking high. That’s not all, we also employ a wide range of SEO techniques and skills to place your site at a strategic position on SERPs.

      • ROI
      • Our SEO services provide results that can be tracked, quantified and can be relied upon, whether your website is e-commerce based or not. We understand that obtaining positive results on investments is the target of every online entrepreneur and we have just the tools to make it come true. We can track virtually every aspect of our strategy such as increase in ranking, traffic as well as conversions.

      • Cost effectiveness
      • Ur SEO services will offer you cost effectiveness as we make it possible for those consumers seeking your services and products to find you with ease. This means that you will get the true value of your investments including money, time and effort.

      • Increased brand awareness
      • A website that ranks high on SERP usually receive a significant level of impression that it offers top notch services and products. As such, when our team of experts make your site rank higher, you will not only enjoy high traffic and conversions, but your brand will also gain lots of popularity on the web. This will instill trust in consumer’s minds to take your brand to a higher level. Since consumers will be able to find you with ease, your business will also have increased returns.

      • Increased website usability
      • In a bid to make your website more navigable for search engines, our SEO services will also make your site easier to access and use by the users. Our SEO campaigns are aimed at rearranging the architecture of your site and the links contained in it for easier navigation by both search engine bots and consumers. This will also make it easier to find information sought on your site by users.

      • Complete uniqueness
      • Since no two sites can be similar on the web as far as search engines are on the picture, our team of developers will ensure that your site is completely customized and unique to match the expectations of search engine bots. This is also true even if you are looking forward to developing a mobile version of your desktop website.