Search Engine Optimization

Will it not feel good to see your name as the first available result on the internet? How will it happen if your website had a high rate of the inrush of people whom you can transform into potential customers? Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the solution for things of this type. And we, at Impower give you the best services in this aspect.

Our clients receive an aftermath which is achieved through an exciting approach and a practical use of the SEO service; thus, it treats our customers with measurable as well as reliable results.

Impower possesses the right qualities to transform fellow visitors of your profile or the traffic that you attain into potential customers. You have a high responsibility since your page appears at the top of the search list; hence, you should be able to give what the visitors are expecting.

You can always visit our official website or contact us by telephone or on any of the email ID's given to know a detailed version of the profits you will infer when you land at Impower.

Packages we offer:

Do you think your previous loom to make your website a successful one did not work?And perhaps want to give your site a new nudge to attain the traffic? Impower comes with different packages that are pocket-friendly and are geared towards maximising your online visibility and as well as returns on investment (ROI).

A highly limpid and pellucid approach is offered. It consists of two vital parts:

  • SEO for SME’s comprising of small and medium entities:
  • Impower understands the level of anxiousness and the overwhelming feeling that you have when you are a toddler in the market. It will help you establish and compete as well as gradually flourish against the companies who have been on the market for long now. These plans are flexible and pocket-friendly.

  • SEO for Large entities:
  • In case you have a flourished business already but cannot grow more profit or the business is not at its best level at the moment, we at Impower have the right or the corrective measures to boost your online presence to help to attain a massive traffic. The plans offered are flexible as well as budget friendly.

    Our SEO services along with the combination of the SER services proves to be the right measure for your organisation. Our plans include a protocol to be followed according to your SEO needs that is either the deficiency or the top ranking.

What Impower Solutions offer

We have a variety of SEO services that address particular issues of SEO such as ranking and deficiencies. With regard to your needs and goals, one or combination of the following SER services might serve your website just right.

  • SEO Consultancy
  • WE have a section with experienced consultants who are going to help you with various aspects of SEO. You can always contact us on any of our helpline options for a free consultancy service. Once happy with our notion to make your entity have a tremendous online presence you can contact our project managers who will further provide an end to end service.

  • Website SEO Audit
  • Several complex and detailed version of information comprises of an SEO audit. An initial SEO audit could be a couple of pages listing problems like less or inappropriate usage of keywords as well as lack of functional content integrity. Alternatively, a compendious SEO audit comprises of more number of pages (some websites may take up to a hundred pages) and has the calibre of attending the least apparently issues to give you a complete ultimatum. Our SEO Audit service assists our customers to resolve the problems by detecting them and eradicating them. Our auditors examine the technical, off-page and on-page elements as well as your competitors to provide an unprecedented success to you.

  • On-Page SEO
  • Also known as on-site SEO, it refers to particular search engine optimisation techniques which are driven towards confronting the early problems and issues uncovered by SEO audit. On-Page SEO is a vital part of our services because of the abilities it offers.

    Our on-Page SEO greets quite a good number of vital elements of a website, including headings, page titles, content organisation and structure of internal links. At the primary level, an on-page search engine optimisation campaign is a one-time project which includes all the recommendations from various SEO audits.

    This type of optimisation targets a site’s home-page with a couple of other pages playing a prospective role for the website. For a more meticulous on-page SEO, we conduct a highly detailed and intricate SEO audit, then use the results to monitor the on-going of an on-page optimisation.

  • Off-Page SEO
  • Off-Page SEO differs from the on-page SEO since it points towards activities which are way beyond the boundaries of a web page. The most crucial aspect of an off-page SEO includes link building, social bookmarking and social media campaigns. Off-page SEO is propelled towards helping the search engines pinpoint and intuit a website containing most of the relevant results for its users. A site that is more pertinent to a user is more likely to receive links or references from other sites. A good website has a name on the social media, is shared among the like-minded communities as well as they are bookmarked.

    Our off-page SEO service assists your site in achieving the following: increased SERP ranking; increased PageRank and increased exposure.

  • SEO Link building
  • Link building is one of the most vital and contentious topics that is certainly talked about in the SEO industry. Since a backlink forms the backbone of any SEO campaign, is the most time taking hence the fantastic part; it’s indifferent to come across SEO service providers that effectively tackles every discipline of it.

    At Impower Solutions, we focus on building high quality links rather than quantity. We understand that a relevant, well-researched and top quality link is worth more than hundreds of submissions with poor quality and of no relevance to the subject.

    To get you massive profits, entertaining as well as educational cum high quality content is something we inculcate in your website. Your content should be engaging enough so that it drives people towards your site just by looking at it. With skilled people, we strive to ensure the same.

  • SEO Content Writing
  • Good content is the one that makes a reader stick to the content, interests a reader and also presents factual information to them. Hence, most of the content writers miss these facts, but we, at Impower keep these subtle points in mind.

    If you need a content writing service that boosts your website's rank and is much more than just SEO, Impower can assist you with that.

    Our SEO content writing service is slick and benevolent and taking shortcuts is not our way of writing content. Our SEO contents are well written, entertaining and factual, and you can always test us to see the visible results. Quality content writing is the foundation block of a building.

  • SEO Code optimisation
  • Do you know that there is a source code included in your website that accounts for a certain percentage of your website’s ranking on the SERPs? Code optimisation comes as a high-level SEO optimisation service. It involves overhauling the source code of your site.

    Optimizing the HTML code of your website can have three different impacts on your site. Firstly, it can relieve the code clutter and make the format of your content, easy to read and understand for various search engine bots. Secondly, it will reduce the time your website takes to load. It aids the search engine spiders from spending too much time waiting for a page to display completely. Lastly, it helps the search engine bots recognise what your website is all about with no difficulty.

    Our code optimisation campaign is eclectic and highlights every facet of your website’s code. We can still optimise your site’s code regardless of its developer, provided it was developed using an industry standard approach.

  • E-commerce SEO
  • Did you know that the source code included in your website also accounts for a certain percentage of your website’s ranking on the SERPs?The code optimisation has a high-level SEO optimisation service. It involves overhauling the source code of your website. Here, we have an E-commerce SEO approach that is comprehensive. That’s because we understand what e-commerce means. An e-commerce site’s survival much depends on a finely tuned digital marketing approach and strategies that result in a high influx of traffic. We begin our e-commerce SEO service by researching and then launching the SEO optimisation. We first understand your business and then take the needed measures to make your clients buy your product. Our team of experts will closely work with you to call the shots for an appropriate and customised approach to deliver the best results for your e-store. Since it imperative that every e-commerce website is unique, we use a personalised approach that focuses on the business needs of a client. We review all your products, categories as well as brand pages to determine the targets that are most suitable for a start-off. We also study the current website traffic as well as the conversion rate to ensure that our e-commerce SEO service yields the best ROI in the shortest period.

  • Keyword research
  • This process starts with seed lists. We then brainstorm relevant phrases and words matching your business style. Once a suitable seed list is generated, coming up with a comprehensive keyword portfolio becomes quite handy.

  • Mobile SEO
  • Lately, major search engines like Google and Bing have developed a higher affinity for sites that are responsive. This lets entities with a mobile app have a higher page rank.

    Mobile SEO is a crucial part of obtaining higher rankings. At Impower Solutions, we have embellished a mobile search engine optimisation service to ensure that your business stays up to date with the latest technologies including cellular responsiveness as part of the rank determinant.

    There are three facets of mobile SEO; responsive websites, mobile friendly sites and lastly mobile applications. Responsive websites are the ones that can be accessed on both computers mobile devices. In other words, these websites adjust according to the size of the device’s screen and hardware configurations automatically.

    On the other hand, mobile-friendly sites are a simpler version of a website, specially made to offer a smoother interface. They utilise smaller fonts and images are converted to lower sizes, and the desktop version is also simple.

    The mobile application involves the development of apps which are platform specific, i.e., they are specific to iOS, Android or Windows phone platforms. At Impower Solutions, our Mobile SEO services are focused on attaining these three elements of mobile search engine optimisation. Whether you need a responsive site, a mobile-friendly website or a custom mobile app for your organisation, we have the calibre and professionalism to deliver what you need.

  • Local SEO
  • Local optimisation is healthy for an entity that wants to enlarge its body. Impower Solutions has mastered the art of creating as well as optimising the local search engine for an ameliorated ranking on local searches. We also specialise in local SEO to help an organisation top the SERPs. Irrespective of your profession like a dentist, a plumber, electrician, general contractor or realtor, we have local SEO services designed to help your business enjoy the local exposure on the web it deserves and also create a stronger online presence.

    Generically, the undertaking of establishing a strong local SEO presence can be time-consuming and tedious. But with our skilled SEO experts, we can unravel it for you. We utilise strategies that are aimed at providing more localised content according to your niche.


At Impower Solutions, we employ an industry standard strategies that are widely recognized as acceptable, effective and reliable. We use strategies that have been tried before and are trusted to bring about desired results.

  • Local SEO
  • At Impower Solutions, we employ industry standard protocols which are not only magnanimously recognised but also acceptable, useful and reliable. We use strategies that have been endeavoured before and are trusted to usher about desired results.

    • Tactics
    • We promote your social media posts, create an engaging and unique content, optimise your website for search engines, reach out to bloggers to help you achieve credible results.

    • Feedback
    • We treat feedbacks with utmost importance. We make sure that our SEO strategies retreat you quantifiable, measurable and reliable results. We make our clients realise the exact value they will attain using the services we provide. Our goals are indistinguishable than yours. We are driven towards building personal sites that offer excellent performance in SERPs and fetch more visitors and assist you to yield you more revenue for your business.

    • Understanding your audience
    • What are your primary goals? Do you want to woo more customers for your online store, make them buy the products you manufacture or at least inquire about it? Your goals are essential, and we prioritise them, and we follow a protocol and execute our strategy in a way that it can get you the right audience. To make sure that the policies employed are appropriate for your business, we perform an in-depth research of your market, customers, products, services, and brand. After the inference, we help you find the best-suited technique, and you can eventually accomplish the desired element.


      We perform an in-depth research on your market status to obtain a better understanding of your business and customers and pinpoint where you stand. It facilitates the process of discovering the areas where keyword opportunities are prevalent. We utilise the power of content writing, authority as well as a technical optimisation to help you achieve your desired goals.


      If you’ve been running an online business for some time now, you probably understand the importance of an SEO. But if you are budding, let us assist you to understand the market. It will lead to indefinite profits.

      • Increased traffic
      • Generating peculiar gridlock for your website is our prime focus. Ranking high on the results page can, therefore, result in increased traffic on your site. Our SEO services focus on developing relevant and informative content, keyword proper titles and meta descriptions that assist your website in getting a slick rank.

      • ROI
      • Our SEO services provide results that can be tracked, quantified and relied upon inconsiderate of the fact that your website is e-commerce based or not. Every entrepreneur dreams of having huge profits, and we have the right tools to help you accomplish that. We virtually track every aspect of our strategy to provide you with an increase in ranking, traffic as well as transforming viewers to potential customers.

      • Cost-effectiveness
      • SEO services that we proffer are budget or pocket-friendly. It means that you will get the real value of your investments inclusive of money, time and our combined efforts.

      • Increased brand awareness
      • A website ranking high on SERP usually sustains and encounters a noteworthy level of impression and is good enough to say that it proffers top-notch services and related merchandise. A lot of popularity can thus be gained along with massive profits. It instils a colossal trust in a consumer’s mind and takes your brand to a higher level eventually. Your business will generate significant results as your assuage nature will aid your users or customers.

      • Increased website usability
      • Using our services will make your site an easy to run chore and navigable enough. It makes it easier for the users to take a complete advantage and benefit from the services offered. Our SEO campaigns aim at reconstructing the architecture of your site and the links in it for easier navigation both by search engine bots as well as the consumers.

      • Complete uniqueness
      • No two sites can have the same content. Hence, our team works hard and healthy enough to make your website's content stand out of the crowd. Thus, search engine optimisation makes us able to help you with it.